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Shanghai HuJing Pump Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturing enterprise consisted of scientific research, design and production. The main production is corrosion-resistance, heat-resistance, and wear-resistance series of chemical centrifugal pump, pipe, pipe fittings and valves. Main products includes: WFB-type sealing automatic self-priming pump, ZH-type stainless steel self-priming pump, TNFB-type strong self suction pump FJX-type forced circulation pump and axial flow pump, IJ-type pump, UHB-type corrosion-resistance mortar pump, G-type single-screw pump, FY-type stainless steel liquid pump, HYF-type fluorine plastic liquid pump, FSB-type fluorine pump, AFB-type corrosion-resistance...

Categories and Products

Self Priming Pump

BW Chemical thermal insulation centrifugal pump FPZ Corrosion resistance plastic self-priming chemical pump FZB fluoroplastic Self priming pump JMZ Stainless steel self suction pump LZB type Vertical self suction pump TLZB Non blocking synchronous suction pump TLZB Non blocking synchronous suction pump WFB self sucking pump without seal ZCQ Magnetic self priming pump ZH Temperature resistant non clogging self sucking pump ZW Self priming non clogging pump (sewage pump) ZXB Fluorine alloy self priming pump ZX Horizontal water self sucking pump 

Chemical Pump

CQ Series Magnetic Drive Pump Circulation Pump CZ Series Standard chemical pump FJX Axial flow type evaporation circulating pump IH Single stage single suction chemical centrifugal pump portable Diesel Exhaust Fluid Urea pump ISR type single stage single suction centrifugal pump IS Type suction clean water pumps JYWQ type Automatic submersible sewage pump LH series special pump for phosphating liquid Mp Miniature magnetic drive circulation pump SPP type Mixed flow pump PNL Type high pressure abrasion resistant mud water pump TL type Desulfurization pump WQ type Non clogging submersible sewage pump W type vortex pump YLB Chemical processing pump without leakage ZA type Petrochemical Pump ZM type Slurry pump The Split case pump CQ type series magnetic drive pump 

Liquid Pump

DLY Vertical multi-stage pump FY HY submerged pump FYS type Fluorine plastic alloy liquid pump HYF type Fluorine plastic liquid pump YWB type Submerged pump without shaft YW Liquid type non clogging sewage pump 

Screw Pump

GNF type Single screw pump G type single screw pump YJF type Forced feeding pump 

Pipeline Pump

IGF fluorine lined pipe pump ISW.ISWR.ISWH.ISWB Horizontal pipeline centrifugal pump LW type vertical sewage pump 

Fluorine Plastic Pump

FSB-L type fluorine plastic-alloy pump IHF series chemical pump lining fluorine MF corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant mortar pump UHB Corrosion-resistant mortar pump YLB type Chemical processing pump without leakage 

Corrosion Resistant Pump

AFB type of Corrosion-resistance pump CPN type of alkali pump HJ type Alkali pump SJB Acid resistant and abrasion resistant pump WJ type Non-clogging pump 

Strong Self Priming Pump

TXH Synchronous self-priming chemical pump TXW Synchronous self-suction sewage pump ZWB Self-suction centrifugal sewage pump Strong self-suction double suction pump 

Multistage Pump

DF type multistage horizontal centrifugal pump D type Multistage pump QJ type Deep well pump TSWA Horizontal multistage centrifugal pump 

Submersible Pump

JYWQ type automatic submersible sewage pump QDN type Stainless steel submersible pump QDX stainless steel submersible pump QJ Vertical Submersible Deep Well Centrifugal Water Pump QW submersible sewage pump WQD submersible sewage pump with the sword WQK WQX Cutting type submersible pump Products Features WQ type of submersible pump 

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